Niftic operates to bring more positive interactions into the world.

At the core of what we do, is who we do it for. Your audience, your customers, your team, and you. We use data to validate our ideas, and creativity to inspire new ones.

Fun Fact: The word ‘Niftic’ is a 1920’s slang term meaning sharp, smart, stylish

Our Core

We don’t hide our talent behind account managers. We’re a team that always brings our key decision-makers and creative talent to the table.

History & Leadership

Our founding partners were raised on agency floors and boardrooms – peering over light tables and coloring under desks. We appreciate hard work, aren’t scared of long hours and hold a deep-seated respect for everyone we work with. That’s why every Niftic client gets direct access and strategy from at least one Niftic founder.

Today Niftic brings nation-wide talent and new-school technology onto the digital playing field. We’re a proud and cohesive team of creators, strategists, and engineers dead-set on creating more positive interactions in the world.

Our Team


Engineering Chops


Strategy Chops


Design Chops


Design Chops


Engineering Chops


Design Chops


Engineering Chops

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