You might hear us talk about positive interactions a lot.

That’s because we really think that building everything to achieve a positive interaction makes all the difference in the world. If your customers encounter a great experience that speaks to them, they’ll trust you, they’ll convert and they’ll stay loyal to your brand. We also believe that the central idea of positive interactions extends to the relationship we have with you too – that you should really enjoy working with us to build something that you’re a part of creating as well.

Shoot over an email and see if we’re a good fit. Or you can bring coffee by the office – we probably won’t turn that down either.

Our history.

Our founding partners were raised on agency floors and board rooms – peering over light tables and coloring under desks. Long hours, hard work, and deep-seeded respect for everyone you work with were considered the norm – both then and now.

Today Niftic brings over 50 years of collective history, nation-wide talent, and new-school technology onto the digital playing field. We’re a proud and cohesive team of creators, strategists and engineers, dead-set on creating more positive interactions in the world.

Our promise.

We deliver content and engineering that has its foundation in data, and experience, and then build inspirational and aspirational content on top of that.

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