Before your customers pay you, they have to like you.

Good conversion rate optimization doesn’t rely on luck.

We combine behavioural design principles, 20+ years of combined industry experience and reliable data analytics to move your metrics.

Our testing methodology

Define Goals

We work with your team to identify your goals, needs and what conversion means to your company. We research, analyze customer personas + demographics to identify your business problems. We let the data talk for itself by defining clear objectives early.


User experience design is about strategically communicating with your audience. We utilize hypothesis and experiment planning techniques to roadmap out a strategy for your brand. We plan experiments, wireframe, and use web psychology to create a meaningful and goal driven user experience.


Our development team implements custom test technology to put our hypothesis to the test. Niftic uses multivariate testing, A/B testing, user experience testing and interviews, and data analysis to test previously developed hypotheses.

Optimize & Iterate

Data drives our funnel optimization, and performance drives our design. We optimize our tests and experiments based on our experience and the story the data tells. Newly discovered insights will feed back into new designs and hypotheses.


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