A brand refresh & digital experience to reflect presidential service and expertise in private aviation

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • UI/UX Design
  • Engineering
  • Messaging & Copywriting
Background & Approach:
Articulating a people-first approach through brand identity & digital experience
Advanced Aviation Team is a D.C.-based leader in private aviation, with roots and expertise in providing (very literal) presidential-level service for political, business, and leisure travelers across the country. As the previous director of travel for the White House, AAT founder and team infuses the same white-glove approach and logistical expertise you’d expect coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This incredible team is trusted by global leaders and some of our personal heroes to make private aviation and travel truly seamless and personable experience - a sentiment Advanced Aviation Team trusted us to help them infuse into their refreshed brand and digital experience.
Brand & Messaging Strategy:
Reflecting company culture and care through messaging & communication strategies
When Advanced Aviation Team engaged us, the task on the table was to identify opportunities for brand impact and expansion and to articulate the expertise, history, and detailed level of service AAT gives their clients every day. We quickly got to work on research, interviews, and workshops to understand the market and core strengths, differentiators, and the needs the private aviation team fills for major campaigns and a socially-distanced alternative to daily business or leisure travel.

With research and insights in hand, we developed first a brand and messaging strategy to emphasize AAT’s dedication to service and expertise with complex logistics; showcasing the detail and care Advanced Aviation Team provides from the first flight to the 1000th, championing their client’s interests and endeavors every step of the way.
Updated Logomark:
A distinctive, thoughtful, and composed identity in the aviation industry
The mark is a modern take on a classic monogram, inspired by the oval shape familiar to us gazing out airplane windows. A small horizontal line at the bottom anchors the mark and brings a sense of lift and lightness to the initials, as if they were airborne. A deep midnight palette sets this identity apart from other aviation companies and adds a rich, mature tone to collateral pieces.
Visual Identity Expansion:
Using design to evoke imagination for an experience customized to each and every traveler
Advanced Aviation Team’s visual foundation centers around the idea of an effortless travel experience. We crafted an identity that celebrates the team, the history, and the clients.

Custom patterning & illustration plays an integral role in creating strong brand recognition, depth, and a memorable experience.

The design language not only communicates AAT’s depth of knowledge in expertly managing complex or sensitive travel needs, but allows the traveler to focus on what’s important to them - whether that’s getting in some extra work, socializing, or relaxing. The approachable messaging and photography signify arriving, and being present at an important location.

Luxury dovetails with familiarity using warm, people-focused photography.

Bringing focus and intention into the digital experience
With a refreshed visual identity in-hand, it was time to expand the brand into an innovative and elevated experience online to validate the team’s expertise, build awareness, and attract new audiences. Thoughtful audience funnels, information architecture, and functional wireframing brought a robust and strategic framework to the online experience, while a detailed extension of the brand identity continues to convey quality of service and continuity.
The digital design system features the same unique curves and delicate line work represented in the logo mark, highlighted with sophisticated iconography and custom illustrations.
An online presence to convey a premium service, inspire a sense of adventure, and create a level of mystique
The expanded messaging strategy overlaid with visual hierarchy balances information brevity and depth to guide users effectively; from top-level takeaways to deeper content dives, and friendly calls-to-action focus attention on connection to help drive conversions. The updated AAT site delivers an approachable, elevated experience; eliminating any feeling of elitism and instead focusing on the people and places that matter most alongside a truly unique experience guided by the most knowledgeable team in the industry.

All you have to do is pack your bag.
Adding delightful moments in collateral and on-board touchpoints
While AAT’s website is the primary first-touch platform for new clients, we wanted to introduce a strong and flexible set of collateral guidelines to empower the team’s tools and audience touchpoints to reach incredible heights. From signage and wayfinding, luxurious on-board amenities, high-level correspondence and pitch decks, we extended the new Advanced Aviation Team brand into a variety of physical and digital communication channels to add a consistent and delightful brand touch to the team’s already detailed approach.

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