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Brand Strategy & Design for Invisible Clinical Intelligence AI

  • Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Messaging Strategy, Design

Algernon is the first truly automated clinical intelligence solution for behavioral health. It seamlessly integrates with your practice, becoming your invisible guide. Keeping watch, always.

“You can’t see Algernon. It’s just there! It’s like your invisible assistant.”

Inspired by truth, this concept turns Algernon’s most characteristic product differentiator into its greatest strength. In order to simplify and maximize the brand impact, the brand & the product will launch with a single wordmark strategy. Illustrations and animations are utilized to complement the wordmark to create a mnemonic experience.

Illustrating the Invisible Assistant

Algernon as intelligence software and AI is by it’s own nature – invisible. Our challenge was to help users connect with the software in an emotional way, so we created a subtle character for the Algernon brand to help users visualize an abstract concept through illustrations. They are fun, warm, memorable and hopeful. 

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