Giving a face to an invisible clinical intelligence AI.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Design
Keeping Watch, Always
Algernon is the first truly automated clinical intelligence solution for behavioral health. It works behind the scenes to seamlessly integrate with your practice, becoming an invisible guide.

“You can’t see Algernon. It’s just there! It’s like your invisible assistant.”

A Simple and Flexible Wordmark
In order to maximize impact, Algernon will launch with a minimal wordmark. Dynamic illustrations and animations can be paired with the wordmark to create a mnemonic experience personalized to fit many contexts.
Illustrating the Invisible Assistant
The intelligence software that powers Algernon is invisible. Our challenge was to help users form an emotional connection with an abstract concept, and we did so through subtle illustrations that are playful, hopeful, and warm. Inspired by Truth, illustrations turn Algernon’s most characteristic product differentiator into a key element of the visual brand.