Growth strategies that help amplify local voices and create lasting community change.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Product Growth Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Engineering
Helping the world’s biggest social change platform to grow their business.
Everyday, people from around the world visit; starting campaigns, mobilizing supporters and working with decision makers to create solutions. With over 300 million users globally, is the biggest social change platform in the world. Niftic has worked closely with the team for years, continually optimizing for increased conversion, ease of use, and a great user experience - core to business growth and the social impact so central to the company’s mission.

Niftic’s services have allowed us to reach aggressive business metrics over the past few quarters. Their work helps us maintain sustainable growth while providing users with a high-quality product.

Samantha Wright - Product Growth Lead
Optimizing for social change by improving 3 key business metrics.
We utilize growth strategies to ideate, A/B test, and productize product features that help amplify’s reach, monetize their user base and grow their membership program.
Amplification - Creating growth loops that help campaigners reach more people as well as grow’s user base.
Distribution and viral product growth is the most significant business challenge that today’s SaaS companies face. We help build growth loops that turn existing user actions into meaningful outcomes to fuel and amplify user growth while solving user needs. Our work with continuous experimentation led to a 45% increase in recruit conversions. Turning campaigns into victories with every new signature.
Monetization - Unlocking new ways to boost petitions to help reach the signature goal/victories. is the first petition platform to offer paid ads to promote petitions to other users. We develop meaningful hypotheses that are based on behavioral design principles such as social proofing, anchoring, or social nudging to highlight information that encourages and empowers users to take action. Ongoing experimentation has seen a 120% increase in gross revenue by increasing paid contributions from petition supporters. Resulting in millions - both in increased revenue for the platform and more eyes on important topics.
Membership - 100K+ paying members empower to continue to build leading social change technology and make the world a better place.
We helped identify common mental blockers that prevented users from joining the membership program. We used continuous A/B testing in key product areas to significantly increase membership sign up rates while reducing churn. We are thrilled to announce that our efforts recently helped cross the 100,000 active members milestone.
Growth experimentation at the pace of the market.
People everywhere are becoming more engaged with their local communities, national topics, and global platforms, and they’re doing it faster and easier than ever within the culture of social sharing and quick news cycles. Niftic matches the expeditious pace of users at the pace of the market. Even at a swift pace, we’re never willing to compromise on quality, and have worked closely with the team for over two years, creating significant business growth.

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