Before your customers pay you, they have to like you.

Mobilizing supporters to share campaigns and donations to expand awareness and turn signatures into victories.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Application Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Engineering

Conversion optimization strategy and execution that’s boasted increases of 160% and higher.

We combine behavioral design & UI/UX principles with rapid A/B testing, utilizing powerful tools such as Google Optimize & Optimizely to enhance amplification, monetization, and product quality.

People everywhere are becoming more engaged with their communities, their nations, and global platforms, and they’re doing it faster and faster within the culture of social sharing and quick news cycles. Niftic matches the expeditious pace of users and digital networks to hypothesize, design, test and optimize at the pace of the market. Even at a swift pace, we’re never willing to compromise on quality, and have worked closely with the team for over two years, creating Meaningful Hypothesis that are based on behavioral design principles.

Most importantly – our thorough strategy, designs, and testing optimization paid off in significant wins that have boosted conversion by 30+ %, resulting in millions of annual revenue for, so they can expand to work with decision makers and find new solutions to the big and small issues that impact lives globally.

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