A brand platform for growing climate change mitigation needs

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Visual Identity
A flexible brand architecture system to be able to cater to different levels of brand affiliations
As climate change mitigation continues to become an inevitable future, Climateworks Foundation’s role in helping mitigate these issues is clear. Increasing efforts in an even broader set of programs and areas of influence. With the growing portfolio of work came brand challenges that needed to be addressed.
Strategic Brand Tiers
We collaborated closely with the ClimateWorks Foundation team to gain a comprehensive understanding of their brand architecture requirements. As a result, we developed a customized system that effectively communicated the relationship between both existing and new brands within the structure. By utilizing guiding questions to assign each new brand to a relevant tier, we established a cohesive brand architecture that effectively communicated the relationship between brands.
A brand refresh to modernize and differentiate the organization.
We created and refined a brand tier matrix to determine which brand building blocks are appropriate for use in each tier within the architecture system.
An aligned and expanded visual system
After completing our strategic and architecture phases of this project, the Niftic team expanded upon the existing design language and visual identity of the ClimateWorks Foundation brand with a visual identity system for all second tier brand logos. We expanded the brand design with shared visual building blocks such as type, palette, and graphic systems. The visual identity system allowed each brand to maintain its unique personality while still feeling like a part of the larger brand family.
Our team's attention to detail and collaborative approach with the ClimateWorks Foundation team allowed us to develop a tailored system that was both effective and scalable.

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