Empowering movement politicians to grow and organize ideas for deepening democracy in the states.

  • Visual Identity Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Engineering
Democracy Policy Network asked Niftic to design a brand that empowers the democracy movement and its vision, extending more power to more people in more ways.
We designed a new brand that resonates with the powerful message of the movement. A brand that allows Democracy Policy Network to successfully recruit those who want to change the status quo and create an America that brings communities together.

“We love the new brand and platform. We're getting a ton of positive feedback.”

Mike, Co-Founder
We designed a memorable symbol that truly carries the brand promise.
DPN is a home for radical reformers. The star represents the vision for a deeper democracy — it is the North Star that orients their work. It is a commitment to dreaming. The pillar represents their concrete policies — the policies that together form the Democracy Movement’s constructive program for deepening American democracy. It is their commitment to building.
Paired with the new brand, Niftic designed and built a digital platform that will allow Democracy Policy Network to organize and package their policy ideas to distribute to politicians.
We designed and developed a modular web application that allows DPN to organize policy ideas, package them into useful formats and make them widely accessible for politicians across America. These policy kits will provide inspiring narratives that lawmakers can use to change the public conversation in their statehouses.
We strategically placed recruitment call outs throughout the application to effectively generate new members to help grow the movement.
DPN is organized around a shared goal — building and advancing an interstate agenda that deepens democracy. It requires a net of collaborators to advance this policy work.

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