An identity for world’s most unlikely Winter Olympic athletes.

  • Series Design
  • Art Direction
  • Graphics
We teamed up with friends and talented filmmakers at WZRD for Far From Home, a documentary series following six of the worlds most unlikely Winter Olympic athletes in the six months leading up to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Despite struggling with little support from their countries, these athletes put everything on the line in hopes to represent their countries on a global stage.
Art Direction
As the film follows athletes from around the world, from the Caribbean to the Himalayas, South America to the Middle East, we made sure to weave in an art direction that not only captures the underdog spirit of these athletes, but also lets their unique backgrounds and cultures shine through. We developed a brush stroke pattern and custom type to capture authentic elements from each home country, all while maintaining a sense of movement and bold undertaking inspired by the journey of each athlete.
Getting Social: Their Story through Snapshots
We took each athlete’s story to Snapchat with dynamic videos and streamlined text. As a result, traffic to the Far From Home mircosite increased by 4.3%.

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