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The market problem
First-time political candidate(s) and small nonprofits lack the expertise, resources, and time needed to raise sufficient funds to run an effective campaign or operate a sustainable non-profit. There are tools for high raising campaigns & non-profits, but no tools existed for smaller campaigns.
The product fit
Niftic designed and built a powerful fundraising application, giving small-to-mid-sized political campaigns and non-profits the tools and guidance they need to grow their donors and help reach their fundraising goals. Users can easily engage their followers, track communications, build donation pages, as well as remain compliant through simple financial reporting.
Custom donation pages optimized for high conversions.
FundHero’s donation page interface follows best mobile practices and reduces funnel friction to maximize conversion rates. Donor accounts and donation records are automatically added to Fundhero’s CRM.
Helping users find the right fundraising cadence through smart automation.
Fundhero automates fundraising best practices to allow users to spend less time raising money and more time making progress. It utilizes smart database queries to continuously filter contacts based on user properties such as donations, tags & groups. As a result - FundHero goes beyond normal search. It suggests and curates content for the user automatically.
The Smart Groups feature was designed and built to help identify contacts that need attention. Whether they are lapsed donors, new leads, or missing acknowledgments; Smart Groups transform your normal donor CRM into a smart assistant that helps you stay focused.

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