Healthier strategies and business growth for the healthcare industry.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • UI/UX
  • Engineering
The brief
Recognized as a “Best Consulting Firm for Healthcare Consulting” 2011–2020 by Vault, Kx Advisors is a modern strategy consulting firm supporting pharmaceutical, medical device, and health IT companies grow. Previously under Kaiser Associates Healthcare, the team had a bold vision for the breakaway brand - a nod to “℞” with an homage to the previous parent company, and needed a visual style that disrupts the status quo of global healthcare consulting firms.
Niftic created a brand strategy and visual identity to position Kx Advisors as a leader in the industry - both bold and modern, and friendly and trustworthy - reflecting the values of the company to deliver pragmatic and data-driven strategy solutions through high-touch and personalized experiences.
A logo as fresh and differentiated as the team.
The Kx Advisors brand is memorable and modern through bold design concepts such as colour-blocked overlays and trended photography; all the while, maintaining a sense of professionalism required for a trustworthy b2b brand boasting such a high level of subject matter expertise.
A Photo Style as Custom as the Kx Customer Experience
We chose a bold approach in photography that embodies a look and feel unlike any others in the healthcare consulting space. We wanted to bring the signature ‘x’ marque to life in a deep, interactive way, choosing modern photo styling and art direction to bring consistency and memorability to the brand.
A Responsive Symbol
Highly tailored and high-value solutions created for each client individually is one of Kx Advisors’ key differentiators. The responsive symbol is a tribute to that work philosophy. It speaks to Kx’s ability to adapt quickly and look at challenges in a new light and evolving strategies quickly to drive the market.

“Strategically-aligned creativity is something that they are really good at.” - Bob Serrano, Senior VP of Kx Advisors