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A modern take on mobilizing a new generation of action, ideas and inclusive community organization with an updated petition process.

  • User Strategy
  • Research & Testing
  • UX / UI Design
  • Digital Design
  • Product Development

Detailed and outcome-focused UX

America was built on the voices of our people, and MoveOn is a national leader in amplifying those voices. To accompany their bold ideas and real-world impact, they wanted a process to make everyone with an idea to make something better in this country empowered to share that with the nation. To modernize the petition creation process for a wide audience and a collective voice for change – simultaneously engaging their core, and appealing to a young, digitally-savvy audience as well.

Empowering to all users - young to old, and across all 50 states

To engage users, ease and enjoyability of process, and encourage brand love, we worked extensively with the MoveOn team on ideation, market research, user testing, and implementation of designs based on their new, bold brand guidelines. We also prioritized listening to, and working with core users to create two distinct Petition Creation Processes to optimize user enjoyment and petition completion on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Two processes

Niftic designed, tested, optimized, and built two distinct digital processes for MoveOn members to create and share petitions on topics on which they see a need for change.

Concept 1: PPP

This flow is a bold and modern user experience that focuses on highlighting movements powered by everyday people emboldened with great ideas. We focused on allowing every person to feel empowered to act with a larger community – emphasizing the contribution any action can have on the people around you.

Concept 2: Conversational

The second flow is a friendly and delightful chat-focused, and advanced mobile responsive creation process. We’ve designed the flow to mimic a text conversation, giving the user feedback and helpful tools to assist them in their process.

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