Mobilizing a new generation of action through bold, new petition creation experiences.

  • User Strategy
  • Research & Testing
  • UX / UI Design
  • Digital Design
  • Product Development
An Accessible, outcome-focused UX
America was built on the voices of our people, and MoveOn is a national leader in amplifying those voices. In order to increase their real-world impact, MoveOn approached Niftic with the goal of empowering people with forward-thinking ideas. We modernized the petition creation process for an audience comprised of varied levels of tech savviness, young and old, living across all 50 states.
Two Concepts
After a successful brainstorming sprint that resulted in the generation of six unique digital experiences, we worked extensively with the MoveOn team to design, test, optimize, and build two concepts that allow members to create and share petitions. Throughout the process we listened to user needs, resulting in a user-centric experience equal parts functional and delightful. 
Concept 1: A Conversational Approach
A friendly chat bot welcomes users in this first concept. We designed it to mimic a real text conversation that gives users immediate feedback, such as helpful tips and tools, that guide them through the petition creation flow.
Concept 2: People Powered Experiences
This concept highlights movements powered by everyday people that have extraordinary ideas. Through data-driven messaging, we emphasized the extent of impact that even the smallest action has on the world.

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