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Celebrating 50 years of Community Engagement in Salt Lake City

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  • Print Design
  • Logo Design
  • Event Giveaways Design

The Big 5-0 Logo

To honor the 50-year history of the RDA, we wanted to incorporate a throwback, mid-century tip of the hat into the 50-year logo. The elongated marque and rounded corners plays …. @herzog – maybe you can write a touch for this. each decade and a

Not Your Average Life-Changing 50-Year-Old

You only turn 50 once, and when the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency blew out all those candles this year, we wanted to make it extra special. Not just an annual report, the book we created captures nuances, celebrations, and the unique community the RDA has helped to craft in the past 50 years.

Throughout its history, the RDA has not only developed housing to improve standards of living for decades of families, and parks and community centers to more tighty weave together the people in Salt Lake City, the agency has done so through a lens that give homage to the history of the city and state, as well as press towards new horizons.

Niftic Agency helped to craft a story as rich as the RDA’s right into the narrative of this book. Each page is custom and unique (no copy/paste templates here!), utilizing full bleed imagery highlighting the details and nuances of the city as well as the sweeping aerial shots of this picturesque city sitting nestled in the mountains. We put high priority in telling the story of the city and the RDA throughout time in a unique and easily digestible way. We incorporated timelines and historical snippets, engaging the user with both the large cultural shifts, and the minute moments in history that brings to life not only the 349 (and counting!) projects of the RDA, but the story, the people, and the landscape. We wanted our designs to showcase the vivid imagery captured and catalogued over the years, and present each project it’s own unique light, while maintaining the robust history of the RDA and honors the City and the Community.

We incorporated tactile elements into the book with soft-touch laminated pages to highlight each decade and a

What’s a Party Without Presents?!

Who doesn’t love a birthday party with goody bags?! We wanted to create takeaways that donors and stakeholders would be proud to show off around the city, so we created some modern and ultra instagram-worthy tote bags for the summer’s farmers markets and art festivals. We highlighted *just* a few of the RDA’s many accomplishments and talents for the bags, balanced with the 50-year logo.

Getting Social in the City

To accompany the 50 year reunion, we wanted to empower the RDA to take their social feed and marketing for the big event and run with it, so we designed a full set of filters, overlays, and social assets to get them started.

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