Before your customers pay you, they have to like you.

A Modern Rebrand Inspired by People-First Practices as a Core Company Culture and Not as a Buzzword.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Digital Experience Design

Connecting Hearts and Minds in the Finance Sector

It’s been a rocky few years for the finance industry. Corporations aren’t trusted with life savings and lifelong dreams. Sentry Financial needed an impactful way to showcase their 3-decade long culture of people-centered business, and progressive thinking that sets them apart from the rest of an industry that has earned sidelong looks as of late.

Bringing Impact Back Into A Name

The original brand name Sentry Financial Corporation had become the acronym SFC over their 30-year history. We wanted to bring back the powerful image of the Sentry, the protector, and the innate trust that image brings back into the brand identity. We shortened the brand name to Sentry Financial to serve as the base of such an iconic element.

Trust in 3 Seconds

In an industry plagued with mistrust, we needed to walk the line of finding the balance between;

  • History – Sentry has been building partnerships for over 30 years, and there’s a reason for that.
  • Modernism –  The 6 subdivisions within Sentry are diversified in modern categories and industries, and we needed a brand that could bridge multiple categories.
  • Sophistication – Long lasting businesses are built on mutual respect, so we needed to elevate the brand to match the way Sentry treats their partners.

Consumer trust was the absolute top priority, so we stressed aspects such as heritage, credibility, and experience throughout the visual identity, digital user experience, and every other brand touchpoint down to how the business cards feel in your hand.

And a Brand to Grow On

And… we did it! We extended the new identity into a full website redesign and custom development for an impactful re-launch of the brand. The customer experience extended to every interaction with the company, and can effortlessly translate to new business extensions without compromising the overall brand impact.

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