Repositioning Talent Acquisition Insights in a Bold, Innovative Way

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  • Brand Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • UI/UX & Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Engineering
Showcasing Powerful Talent Acquisition Insights in a Bold, Innovative Way
Talent acquisition is a critical part of any organization’s path and future success. Veris Insights (Formerly Ivy Research Council) supercharges hiring processes with the most actionable, real-time, and trusted recruiting research out there - empowering the organizations they work with to create welcoming homes for exceptionally talented people.
Renaming & Repositioning to tell a story of agile innovation, premium service, and trusted insights.

Crafting the brand strategy, messaging guidelines, and updated name, based on core differentiators and market direction.

Building on product expansion and signaling for future growth, Ivy Research Council’s innovative approach in Talent Acquisition insights required an updated name and brand story that aligned with the visionary direction. While the name had served the group well in their years focused in University Recruiting, as the company positioned for growth in new audiences & verticals, the existing name Ivy Research Council and brand concept mis-positioned and limited the company in their path of diversifying audiences, and products in talent acquisition.

A discovery period of internal & external research revealed great underlying regard for the Veris Insights team. The company is established as a “trusted partner” and “innovative leader” in the world of talent acquisition research in delivering actionable, real-time, and trusted recruiting insights. Above and beyond the data or unique perspectives, the level of trust, credibility, and level service the company has with each client is unmatched. Veris Insights brings data to their users in a way that makes it actionable; turning data into knowledge, and ultimately empowering their clients to make better decisions and acquisition programming.

The compelling insights and trusted, actionable approach of the company, validated with deep data and analytics to empower their clients, were the truths we leaned on in developing the updated brand positioning and that informed the new company name; Veris Insights.

A visual identity to re-energize the brand and exude expertise and tell an innovative story.

Veris Insights needed a brand that would be equally ambitious as its mission. A brand that can support their growth and visions for the years to come.

We used key components in creating a strong core brand as a unifying tool for the products and verticals within

Veris Insights, with visual elements signaling a clear future direction, and those that speak to both the company’s established audiences, as well as new ones. We thoughtfully designed a full brand identity that amplifies the company culture, significance, and differentiation.

An agile word mark signaling established expertise, academic rigor, and sophistication.

The wordmark, inspired by the founding team’s origin and rise from Princeton, utilizes a polished serif typeface that adds elements of trust and professionalism. The addition of an agile mark, an arrow, serves as a modern, dynamic element to lead the eye and focus the attention.

Color minimalism captures a modern take on trusted history.

A premium, monochromatic palette of rich navy tones, balances maturity and energy with energetic highlights.

Rich, intricate graphics tell a story of knowledge and illumination.

Data-inspired graphics that tell a story of discovery and innovation. We designed a modern houndstooth pattern emphasizing the dynamic, focused, brand language.

Reinforcing brand impact and conversion in a digital landscape.

Seamlessly extending the brand for digital optimization.

Not just one, but multiple redesigned and rebuilt digital experiences; both an updated website, as well as a digital membership platform to enable more value for their customers. We engaged a detailed approach in defining audience needs, user flows, and strategic insights to not only build an engaging and inspirational digital experience, but one optimized for conversion on each and every page.

Our design and development teams created and built a website optimized for lead funnels and conversions, and a powerful member library for existing clients to access the crucial and customized insights so impactful to their brand, as well as engage with the opportunities and networks available within the platform.

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