Inspiring employers to give employees Election Day off.

This election season was one for the books, and Niftic wanted to get involved.
Only 56% of the voting-age population cast a ballot in the 2016 election, and the second most popular reason Americans gave for not voting was not being able to take off from work.

Using this statistic as inspiration, we built VotingDayOff. It allows employers and employees to add their company, as a badge of honor, to a growing list of those giving time off to vote on Election Day.
...And for employees who don't have off: resources to help them get the day
In addition to the main list feature, the microsite includes a robust resources page with materials– such as email templates and scripts– to help employees convince their employers give them PTO on November 3rd.

We also included general voting resources, like tips on how to volunteer at the polls, as well as ways to navigate voting in 2020.

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