Incorporating technical interactions into a New York-based social change agency.

  • Engineering
Social Change Driven by Design
Social Justice as a movement has picked up steam, voices, support, and mindful individuals across the globe with the help of digital media, social sharing, and a quick news cycle. To keep at the forefront of engagement and progressive justice, internationally acclaimed design firm Zago needed a website as fearless as their campaigns. Aligned on a common and greater mission, we were eager to work closely with the Zago team to redevelop their website and bring to life their designs.
Allowing Action and Information to Speak Through Movement
In such a fast-paced world, and in a category demanding of action, we needed to bring that movement and life onto Zago’s digital platform with interactive elements and easy to find information. We worked with their team to better encapsulate their bold design approach in their website - redeveloping pages, incorporating interactive elements, and adding a new blog.

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